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Truck access

The removal of goods for import and their loading for export are carried out by trucks that ensure their transit to consumers or towards the port, to be loaded onto ships. The Port of Cotonou is therefore faced with an incessant movement of trucks every day. To ensure fluidity and speed in the management of truck flows, the Port of Cotonou has digitized this activity through a platform (truck access) on which the actors involved are active. A cyber café is available free of charge to users within the One-Stop-Shop for their operations.

From the request for the entry of the truck by the Authorized Customs Agent (ACA) to the obtaining of the "called truck", until the finalization of the operation, various steps are to be taken and formalities to be completed.

This section is a real user's guide that aims to inform the actors on the circuit of trucks outside and inside the port, the formalities that truck drivers will have to face as well as the various controls to which they are subject.

Accédez à l’application de gestion des camions : http://www.pac.bj/accesport/login