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The political stability enjoyed by Benin in general, guarantees an environment of peace, friendliness and hospitality conducive to business. This situation offers the Port of Cotonou a comparative advantage over its neighbors. Aware however, that the guarantee of safety and security, essential indices in the choice of a port destination, can not be decreed and comes from the sum of efforts that provided daily each actor, the authorities of the Port of Cotonou have invested for several years to maintain the platform to the standards prescribed by the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port facility Security Code).

The recent updating of the operating and police regulations, as well as the assistance of Belgian experts for the training and retraining of the actors, has made it possible to equip the Port Security Officers (PSO) and the Qualified Security Officers in charge of port facilities (PFSO) for the security of people, ships, cargo and facilities, both inside the port and its surroundings and along the various service corridors. A port is a border of entry and exit on a territory. This is why the Government of Benin is working to initiate strict measures to optimize security in the maritime waters and along the various corridors.

The availability of a toll-free number (69 85 85 85) to sound the alarm and ensure permanent reporting to the port authority in case of threat, is part of this approach to ensure optimal security management on the port platform of Cotonou. You are concerned about the security of your cargo when embarking or disembarking! Well ! Cotonou is your destination ! This section is intended to inform you about the initiatives taken by the Port of Cotonou in this regard, but also about the regulatory provisions in force. Our leitmotiv being to be close to your needs, your suggestions, testimonies, denunciations and others, will be useful to us to maintain an optimal level of quality as regards safety and security on our platform.