Discover our values


The Port Authority of Cotonou is based on six (6) main values.

  • 01 The Performance Culture

    Thanks to our know-how, our experience, our dynamism and our commitment, we practice our profession with rigor to provide quality services. By cultivating a close relationship with our customers, we work to improve our offers by providing value-added services, as well as competitive and innovative solutions.

  • 02 Availability

    The Port Authority of Cotonou digitalizes all its services and is available to its customers 24 hours a day.

  • 03 Quality of service

    The Port Authority of Cotonou intends to develop a healthy collaboration with the stakeholders and its customers in order to guarantee the interests of all parties.

  • 04 Transparency

    At the Port Authority of Cotonou, we require our agents to guarantee respect, transparency and ethics in the relationships they develop on a daily basis with customers, users and partners of the Port of Cotonou.

  • 05 The commitment

    Our company is a responsible organization that takes to heart its duty of responsibility towards the state, customers, the environment and its employees.

  • 06 Innovation

    The Port Authority of Cotonou is committed to innovation in all its areas of expertise, by placing the needs of our customers and partners at the center of our thinking. This, by taking into account the economic and social challenges and mutations that influence our organization.