The Port Authority of Cotonou in the hinterland countries

Our two (02) representative offices


The Port of Cotonou has an enviable geostrategic position that gives it the status of a natural outlet to the countries of the hinterland, which makes it a transit port par excellence on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. As such, it is the first port of transit for sub-regional economies.

The hinterland countries therefore represent an important part of our clientele. Thus, in order to ensure and facilitate the Import-Export traffic of the hinterland countries through the Port of Cotonou, the Port Authority of Cotonou has opened two (02) main representations in Niger, and Burkina-Faso in order to assist the economic operators present in these countries

PAC in Niger

The PAC representative office in Niger accompanies foreign trade passing through the Benin corridor and assists the country's economic operators to facilitate access to services and the use of the Port of Cotonou.

Contact us :
16 Rue de la Côte d'Ivoire.
PO Box: 12 963, Niamey
Tel: + 227 20 74 09 85 | 90 95 26 00

PAC in Burkina Faso

The representative office of Burkina-Faso serves as an interlocutor with traders on behalf of the Port Authority of Cotonou. It assists and supports the Burkinabe customers in the framework of the import and export transit of their cargoes through the Benin corridor.

Contact us :
SODIFA Bulding, Av. Kwame Nkrumah, Koulouba, Ouagadougou
Tel: +226 78 83 31 44 | 25 30 45 15