electonic cargo tracking note

The ECTN platform is now available


As part of the new government reforms, it was decided in the Council of Ministers on September 29, 2021 to transfer the management of Electronic Cargo Tracking Note or ECTN to the Port Authority of Cotonou, effective since November 15th 2021

The ECTN is a trade facilitation document that allows the summary declaration of the goods from the port of shipment and a mandatory document for the admissibility of the customs declaration of goods.

With the exception of floating cargo, any cargo arriving at destination in the Port of Cotonou without an ECTN issued and validated at the port of embarcation, cannot be cleared through customs. For regularization, an ECTN must be issued and validated online by the Port Authority of Cotonou.

Pour toute préoccupation, merci de bien vouloir aller sur l’application du ECTN ou contacter l’équipe du BESC par mail à l’adresse info@besc.bj ou par téléphone au +229 55 24 44 44.